A-1 Budget Process Service
"Simply the Best, For Less"
Terms and Conditions

We will make our FIRST
service attempt within the
designated time (see home page
for delivery times) of receiving
your paperwork. If an attempt
for service has not been
completed within this time
period, you will are eligible to
receive a full refund upon
cancellation of service.

This guarantee expires and is
no-longer valid or enforceable
after the first attempt for
service has been completed.
Unlimited Attempts/
Flat Rate Service

We offer unlimited attempts    
on valid addresses where the
subject is non-evasive. If the
subject tries to avoid service
either by action or inaction we
reserve the right to complete
service through substitution
after due diligence of no more
than 5 attempts. If substitute
service is either unwanted or
unavailable, other service such
as stake-out or skip-trace may
be required. These services
require additional costs. No
service will be performed
without prior authorization.

If you have any concerns about
this statement, or with A-1
Budget Process please e-mail us
servenow@a1budgetprocess.com .
We can also be reached by
telephone at 866-753-3313, or
by postal mail at

A-1 Budget Process Service
247 N. Hockett St.
Porterville, CA 93257

Refund Policy

Your service cancellation must  
be received BEFORE the first
attempt for service has been
made by one of any of our
personal process servers or any
of our independent contractors.
No refund for incomplete service
caused by inaccurate information
provided by you or on your
behalf by a third party.

Service Definitions

An address where the subject
either resides/works on a regular
basis and as such can be
normally found at the location.

When the subject avoids service
by action or inaction (such as
purposefully not opening their
door for the process server).

Privacy Policy

Our customers privacy is both
an important and sensitive
subject. As such, safeguarding
your privacy has always been,
and continues to be, one of our
highest priorities, whether the
information is gathered in
person, over the telephone,
through our facsimile machines
or via our web site.

We have never shared your
personal information with
third parties, and have no
plans to do so, except:

(1) At the customers request
(2) to complete a transaction
initiated by you, or
(3) if we are required or
allowed by the law, such as to
respond to a subpoena or to
investigate fraudulent activity.
A-1 Budget Process Service will not be held liable for any outcome legal or otherwise, caused by
incomplete or inaccurate information provided by our clients or by third parties on behalf of our clients.
Please make sure that you have at least one VALID address for service. Any service attempt made on   
an invalid address is still considered a completed attempt, and no refund will be issued